BLIMEYS in the media …

Immediate Press Release                                     November  19th, 2018

We are so pleased that BLIMEYS has been nominated and won

The Biz X Award for 2018 for “Best Little Retail Shop”

Blimeys British Store & Gift Shop

Located at 25 King Street West, Harrow, Ontario N0R 1G0

Tel:   226 787 1244


Facebook:  Blimeys British Store & Gift Shop

We are very fortunate to win this award, this is the second award from Biz X.

In 2015 BLIMEYS Won “Worth the Drive”.

We have great following and wonderful customers that have supported us from the opening of our store in 2014.

We are thrilled to have been nominated and grateful to have the opportunity to serve our loyal and dedicated customers.  Our staff is incredible, knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile.

At BLIMEYS you can purchase a large variety of British foods imported from across the UK, such as biscuits, sweets, jams and fine teas, crisps, Cadburys chocolates among others, Haywards Pickled Onions and frozen pies.  Etc., etc.

This year we made our food assortment even larger dedicating a specific area to the “Food Section”

Our assortment of merchandise is always changing.  We go overseas a couple of times a year to do our buying and are always looking for exclusive products that no one else has.  Often the merchandise we carry is only available in our store.

Our latest additions are a line of clothing from UK featuring our Mens & Ladies waxed Jackets and Coats.  We also carry Melin Tregwynt Hand Woven Welsh Coats and Woven Blankets that complement our Irish & English Wool Sweaters, Scarves & Lambswool Capes.

We have just received our latest Scottish Glassware to complement our French La Rochere glassware, the oldest glass company in the world.

This year we also added to our jewellery line with a selection of handmade Jewellery UNO de 50 from Spain, Pig & Hen from Amsterdam, and, also added the Thomas Sabo Jewellery line from Germany which complements our existing Scottish, English and Canadian Jewellery Lines.

We have expanded our imported leather goods to include bags, wallets and purses all manufactured in England much of it Handmade.

Our specialty shop also carries  assorted gifts from all over the UK, including handmade ceramics and pottery such as Emma Bridgewater, Moorland  & Watsons.

The layout of our store is also different.  It is a long and narrow store; we have expanded several times since we opened. We are always moving merchandise and displays around to create the right blend of fun and atmosphere.

The store is very unique in has exposed brick, tin ceilings and always British themed music playing for customers to enjoy.

We are a one of a kind shop and we truly believe we will have what your looking for with over 20,000 items currently in stock. Its like a little bit of home right here in the middle of wine country

We offer varied and unique gifts mostly from Britain and our customers tell us we are a destination location. They come for the experience and the atmosphere as well as the goods and merchandise.  Our customers are very supportive and loyal and travel from Chatham, Windsor, Ohio, Michigan and of course locally Leamington, Amherstburg, Kingsville & Harrow.

See you at BLIMEYS in Beautiful downtown Harrow.

The Eccles cakes that come with a warning … Read about the Cake advisory here

AM 800 Joins BLIMEYS in the store!

Click play above to hear about AM 800 joining us at Blimey’s British Shop in Harrow this Saturday May 13 from 10 until noon.

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You can now listen to BLIMEYS bringing you the traffic reports on AM800 radio starting April 25 at 7:00am.  Be sure to tune in!

March 29, 2016 –   Check us out in the Windsor Star …

Award-winning British shop in Harrow still surprising customers …
When Blimeys British Store and Gift Shop first opened in Harrow two years ago war brides cried at the sight of food they hadn’t tasted in decades and one customer spontaneously hugged the owner to say thank you for opening a British store.

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Press Release   March 13 2016

Carl & Rita Hulme started BLIMEYS in April 2014 in beautiful downtown Harrow, Ontario.  Since then the store has gone through one expansion and is now expanding again. This new expansion will add a further 600 sq ft of retail space. The renovation is expected to be complete by the end of March.

This will allow us to carry a more varied selection of foods such as Haggis, Black Pudding, and Sausages & Bacon along with our already large selection of imported foods and Pies.

We are also adding more giftware from Britain including more leather goods, British jewellery, and a larger selection of sweaters from Ireland. We are adding more selection of our Canadian jewellery line, Kameleon. The expansion will also allow us to better display our current products such as Emma Bridgewater, Victoria Eggs and other gift items.

BLIMEYS is proud to have won the 2015 Biz X award for the “County Biz Worth The Drive” category.  We would like to thank all our customers who showed their support for us and voted us into the winners circle.  Our customers have made our 2015 fantastic and we are looking forward to an even better year in 2016!

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